"I Ain't Ever Heard A Normal Story About How A Hamster Died" – Thousands Of People Are Sharing The Traumatizing Ways Their Hamsters Died And It's Proof Children Have No Business Having Them As Pets

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Well hello. This isn't the first time we've brought you weird hamster shit on BuzzFeed, and I think it's safe to say it won't be the last. About a year and a half ago, we gifted you with a story about a girl named Deyton Pilgrim's hamster, Hammy, who was buried and rose from the dead*.

*Turns out Hammy was hibernating the whole time! You can read the wild story here.

*Turns out Hammy was hibernating the whole time! You can read the wild story here.


But today, we are bringing you many, many hamster stories from thousands of people all over the world. And, sadly, they aren't the most joyous. It all started from a viral TikTok where @weloveyou3lan said, "I ain't ever hear a normal story about how a hamster died." And 22,000 people flooded the comments with their bizarre hamster death stories:

A comment saying that 22,000 stories of a dead hamster are enough
@weloveyou3lan / tiktok.com

I will preface this by saying that I cannot verify if any of these are actually legit.

more comments about how people's hamsters died
@weloveyou3lan / tiktok.com

But my money is that at least half of them are...

a comment saying the hamster was given an orange to eat and it died
@weloveyou3lan / tiktok.com

And, sadly, for some reason I do believe a hamster would eat itself to death.

  @weloveyou3lan / tiktok.com
@weloveyou3lan / tiktok.com

OK, anyway, phew. Since that TikTok, there have been dozens of others where people claim all hamsters die in traumatic ways. Like this one where a woman believed her evil hamster burned an entire pet shop down — killing itself in the process.


Well now, a woman named Caroline Padilla has caught the attention of nearly 16 million people after she shared the eye-popping way her hamsters died. She starts her TikTok saying, "I just saw a TikTok where this girl was like, 'If you've ever had a hamster, comment how it died because they always die in really traumatic ways... I've been waiting for this one."

Caroline talking in her TikTok
@thatsquirrelfromiceage / tiktok.com

"When I was 8 years old — 'cause we're always 8 years old, right?! Um, I had a hamster. Her name was Pessy. Don't ask me what that means. I literally have no idea. OK? That was her name, and it's pivotal to the story. I can't change it."

a hamster on a countertop
Andrey Bok / Getty Images/EyeEm

"So, her name was Pessy, and she was my best friend. I had her during the summer, and I would take her everywhere with me. She would come with me to the mall, and I would take her with me in my hoodie pocket. I would put her in those little boxes where you catch bugs and lizards that had air holes. I'd put her in there. I'd carry her around. I was obsessed with her, OK?! And I was one of those kids whose parents wouldn't let me have dogs for a really long time; they were like, 'We're not getting a dog.' So, they gave me the next best thing: a rodent."

a hamster sitting in someone's apron
Catherine Falls Commercial / Getty Images

"I took her everywhere, and once summer was over, I was like, 'Oh man. She's going to be all alone. I have to get her a friend. I have to do something.' So, I got her a friend. I got her another hamster. Her name was Luna. Luna was a little gray dwarf hamster. She was like a little gray ball. Pessy was a normal, medium-sized brown hamster."

a gray hamster in someone's hand
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"The day after I get Luna, I wake up, I'm walking over to the cage to see my little hamster friends, and Pessy is upside down, laying on her back — she's not moving. I'm like, 'Pessy? Girl? OMG, PESSY?' I'm shaking the cage. I don't see Luna anywhere. So I'm shaking the cage, like, 'Oh my god, oh my god.' So Pessy rolls over a little bit, and there's a gray furball underneath her. No hamster, just fur. Just the fur."

a hamster on its back in someone's hand
Win-initiative / Getty Images

"Luna is nowhere to be found, and Pessy's lookin' a little thick. She's lookin' a little bigger than she did the day before. If you're catching my drift, she ate her. SHE ATE HER. OMG. My hamster ate my other hamster, but that's somehow not the worst part... I don't know — maybe it is. I'm going to make a part two."

a closeup of a hamster

You can watch the full part one video here.

Paul Starosta / Getty Images

Before we get to part two, let it be known that Caroline did not know whether or not Pessy was still alive after she ate Luna... However, as you'll see below, both she and her father presumed her dead.

Carolina smiling in her TikTok
@thatsquirrelfromiceage / tiktok.com

Let's all take a deep breath, and let's move on...


OK. Part two as explained on TikTok by Caroline: "So my hamster ate my other hamster, and I'm 8 years old. I have no experience with grief, with pet loss, with cannibalism — nothing of the sort. So, I'm like freaking out, completely distraught, sobbing, on the floor, gagging. And my lovely, little, tiny, bald Hispanic dad comes over, and he goes, 'Ah man, that's...that's tough. We'll have a funeral for it.'"

Caroline with her hand on her head in her TikTok
@thatsquirrelfromiceage / tiktok.com

"What I failed to remember was that I had a playdate that day with my friend, Christine. So, my dad is coming over; my dad takes Pessy — her corpse — and Luna, because by default she's inside of her, and wraps them up in toilet paper. And I lived in an apartment complex with a lake in the middle."

a hand holding up toilet paper
Miragec / Getty Images

"So, Christine comes over, and this poor girl thought we were going to have a silly, goofy, silly goose time, hangin' out, playin' mermaids or something, but nooooo, girl. You are mid-hamster funeral that you didn't ask for. So she comes over, and I'm already outside with my dad, sobbing, crying, probably wearing a black Limited Too outfit."

a young child crying with their hands to their face
Juanmonino / Getty Images

"My dad takes Pessy, wrapped in toilet paper, a little hamster burrito, and puts her on top of a remote control boat. And he just drove it around in circles [on the lake] until she rolled off. I was inconsolable. Christine was probably just standing there; I don't even remember what she did. Christine, if you're seeing this, I don't think we ever spoke again after that date — and I don't blame you."

a boat on water

You can watch the full part two video here.

Getty Images

And that, my friends, is the sad story of Pessy and Luna's fate.

a gravestone with the words "For Pessy + Luna RIP"
Jan Hakan Dahlstrom / Getty Images

BuzzFeed spoke to Caroline, who said she couldn't think of a more fitting trend to participate in. "I couldn't believe I was being provided the opportunity to share one of the funniest, most horrible stories I had. Living through the event at the time was obviously traumatizing — I was a kid, and those were my pets," she said.

And Caroline said she got a significant amount of backlash from commenters regarding the fact that hamsters are meant to be solitary animals — meaning they can be aggressive toward other hamsters. "I was young and didn't know any better. I just wanted to get my hamster a friend and ended up losing my two pets."

Lastly, Caroline said that after her experience, she thinks people should be wary of buying hamsters for young kids. And Caroline also said that she doesn't foresee her ever owning a hamster again; her childhood experience traumatized her enough.

So, what did we learn from this? Hamsters must be protected at all costs. Learn how to properly care for them before getting one, and think twice before giving them to young kids!

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