People Can Get COVID-19 Vaccine Without Appointment At Dallas Site

Parkland Hospital is allowing the vaccine site at the Ellis Davis Field House to give shots without requiring an appointment.

Video Transcript

- Hundreds of people got their COVID-19 vaccine today, didn't have to make an appointment. They did so at a site that's been operated by Parkland Hospital in Dallas. Our Jack Fink spoke with some residents who jumped at the opportunity.

GENEAN SMITH: I am very excited.

JACK FINK: Genean Smith is among those who waited for a couple of hours at the Ellis Davis Field House to get a COVID-19 vaccine without having to make an appointment. She says it's a great strategy to increase the number of people getting the shot.

GENEAN SMITH: You get a whole lot more people out without making an appointment. Just kind of locks me in if they had to make an appointment. So when it's open, the masses show up.

JACK FINK: For Jesus Garcia of Dallas, it's an opportunity to get his 16-year-old daughter vaccinated. She's been on a waiting list, and they hadn't heard back.

JESUS GARCIA: It is a relief because especially, hopefully, this coming fall, opening schools back up and stuff like that. Actually, I wanted to be-- my kids to be fully vaccinated by then.

JACK FINK: Samia Zia runs Parkland Hospital's vaccination sites here and at Eastfield College, and says before today, they've had to turn away hundreds of people without an appointment.

SAMIA ZIA: Oh, it definitely has picked up. We are operating almost all of our lines. We have additional staff coming. You know, we're ready for the volume.

JACK FINK: Parkland provides a total of 1,500 of the Pfizer shots here a day, including to those who have an appointment. You don't have to be a Dallas County resident to get a shot, but you do need an ID. Those without an appointment can show up between 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM Monday through Saturday.

Parkland says it may soon open its other vaccination sites for those who don't have an appointment.

SAMIA ZIA: But I can see in near future that we'll be opening up at Eastfield also.

JACK FINK: As for Genean Smith, she wants to return to normal and encourages others to get vaccinated.

GENEAN SMITH: I feel great! Didn't hurt at all.

JACK FINK: In Dallas, Jack Fink, CBS 11 News.