Some People Are Enjoying The Current Weather Conditions & Getting Outside While They Still Can

We found lots of people at Evergreen Lake enjoying ice fishing and sledding.

Video Transcript

RICK SALLINGER: There are people out here on Evergreen Lake having fun. They are doing ice fishing. Or maybe we should call it today, snow fishing. We found one family that played it pretty smart. They got out on Lake Evergreen for a while with all the necessary equipment needed to catch a big one. But eventually, well, they had to call it quits for the day.

- We basically went ice fishing for our first time. And no fish bit. Only once.

RICK SALLINGER: What do you think of the snow? Is that putting a damper on your day?

- No.

- No, we're just-- they got bored, so we're going to go home and have some hot chocolate and eat some chili.

RICK SALLINGER: That's a good way to look at it. There are those people who are trying to take advantage of the snow and do sledding, ice fishing, and whatever other winter activities they can.

Although I've got to tell you, getting up to the mountains is a bit tricky today. When we came up Mount Vernon Canyon from the Denver area, there was a thick, heavy fog that evolved into the snow that we're having now. I don't know what it's like up at the ski areas, but if you can get there, maybe it's worth it.

Live in Evergreen, Rick Sallinger, CBSN Denver.