People Are *Extremely* Upset About Kim Kardashian's New Body Foundation

Mehera Bonner

From Cosmopolitan

  • Kim Kardashian is facing backlash for her newly released Body Foundation.

  • Critics think Kim is perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards for women.

Kim Kardashian recently blessed the world with her newest KKW Beauty product, an already sold-out Skin Perfecting Body Foundation that aims to give your arms/legs/whatever a smooth photoshop finish. The product seems to cover everything from veins, to bruises, to-in Kim's case-psoriasis.

"I use this when I want to enhance my skin tone or cover my psoriasis," she said on Instagram while promoting the product. "I bruise easily and have veins and this has been my secret for over a decade. I’ve learned to live with and not be insecure of my psoriasis, but for days when I want to just cover it up I use this Body Makeup."

As Kim says, there is no reason to be insecure about one's psoriasis, veins, bruises, etc-and at the same time, opting to cover up with makeup is a personal choice that shouldn't be judged. Of course, Kim didn't invent body makeup. It's been popular for decades and most major beauty brands have some sort of bronzer, foundation, or highlighter meant specifically for your body. Still, that hasn't stopped Twitter from absolutely exploding with strong reactions from folks (including, obviously, Jameela Jamil) who think Kim's new body makeup sends the message that our natural skin isn't good enough, and that veins, scars, and bruises need to be "covered-up."

Photo credit: Twitter - Instagram

You can check out a full explosion of feels below, but comments range from "I can't stop thinking about how the beauty standard for straight guys is to basically have a face and wear some clothes," to "This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. I occasionally have to wear body makeup for work & I hate it. But for me this is just another example of the Kardashian family telling women they aren’t good enough & need to hide & cover their bodies rather than celebrate them."

Okay then! But for what it's worth, there are also plenty of people defending Kim's product-and again, wearing makeup is a personal decision.

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