The People Who Make Your Firefox Web Browser Are Launching Two Phones This Week

ZTE Firefox OS smartphone
ZTE Firefox OS smartphone


ZTE's Firefox OS smartphone.

Mozilla, the creators of the Firefox Web browser, have released their new smartphone operating system, Firefox OS.

Firefox OS is landing in two lower-end phones, the Alcatel One Touch Fire and ZTE Open, The Verge's Matt Brian reports.

Mozilla's Firefox OS isn't being featured in any premium hardware yet.

Instead, Mozilla seems to be targeting entry-level smartphone buyers, with the openness of the operating system and HTML5 apps likely to give Android some competition.

Android's success in non-premium sales has proven the liveliness of the low-end smartphone market. And with Apple's rumored low-cost iPhone possibly in the works, Mozilla seems be using this opportunity to debut their new operating system amidst less competition.

Both the Alcatel One Touch Fire and the ZTE Open will debut in Latin America, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, and eventually Asia.

The ZTE Open will cost $90 / €69 if you are prepay customer, and will be available tomorrow.

Firefox phones are expected to launch in the US next year.

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