People Flock To Waterways Amid Warm Weather

It was a busy Saturday on the waterways as warm weather drew more people out to play, but that fun in the sun can quickly take a turn.

Video Transcript

MARLEE GINTER: And of course, the warm weather that Jordan was is talking about, drawing more people outside. But that fun in the sun can quickly take a turn. We were there as crews rescued a woman near Lake Natoma. CBS 13's Heather Janssen joining us live now with that close call tonight. Heather?

HEATHER JANSSEN: Yeah, most definitely, Marlee. We surely saw a lot of people out enjoying the water today. Park rangers have noticed a difference this weekend, too. They're bringing on more patrols because of it, expecting more crowds tomorrow.

Rescue crews coming to save the day. Folsom Fire bringing a woman to shore after her kayak tips, leaving her stranded in the water, later taken away in an ambulance, but expected to be OK. Not far behind, State Park lifeguards on patrol. People crowd local rivers and lakes.

ALEX LEVKO: This is probably the first time we're out on the water like this the whole year.

HEATHER JANSSEN: The draw for most, temperatures nearing 80 degrees. The nicest weekend in a long while.

EVAN SHARPE: It definitely seemed as though the weather and just the recognition that it was really going to be a nice day brought people out.

HEATHER JANSSEN: Evan Sharpe and Katie Andrew among the many taking advantage.

EVAN SHARPE: The parking lot was full. We saw boaters and whether it be standup paddle boarders, kayakers, and even some small recreational boats doing fishing.

HEATHER JANSSEN: But even in this warm spring weather, cold winter water still lingers, the National Weather Service urging folks to stay safe, saying cold, fast moving water can be powerful and can turn deadly. Kayakers Evan and Katie keeping cautious while out and about.

KATIE ANDREW: We're careful, we keep close to the shores.

HEATHER JANSSEN: Many enjoying the fun in the sun, all while hoping to avoid being harmed.

Well, fire officials I spoke with today also emphasized the importance of having a life jacket and wearing it when you're out on the water and enjoying the day, saying it can and will probably save your life.