People Are Freaking Over Brie Larson's Epic Legs & Abs In These Bikini Pics

brie larson abs bikini
Brie Larson Flaunts Epic Legs, Abs In Bikini PicsRandy Holmes - Getty Images
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  • Brie Larson is taking some time to sweat it out in a sauna this week, and she's got the Instagram pics to prove it.

  • The actress snapped a few shots wearing a bikini while curled up in the sauna, and her legs and abs were so sculpted.

  • Brie it a fitness queen and totally crushes it in the gym, doing everything from weighted pushups to one-armed pull-ups.

Brie Larson is putting an age-old question to the test. If you squeeze in a fancy sauna sesh but don’t take a photo, did it ever happen? Well, the actress isn't taking any chances because she posted a whole sweaty slideshow for her followers while crouched in a fancy looking sauna.

“Morning sweat session 101: must include selfies,” she wrote in the caption for the photos. Brie is rocking a burnt orange bikini and slicked-back hair. She has a natural glow about her (which is possibly the sweat) as she poses in the sauna. Of course, it's super hard to miss her incredibly toned legs and abs, which are highlighted by her cute suit.

Fans loved this unfiltered peek into Brie’s morning and of course, they filled the comments section with hearts and flame emojis aplenty. “The most beautiful smile of the Solar System...” wrote one fan. Another added, “THIGHS THIGHS THIGHS.” Okay, Brie! Crushing it.

If you're wondering about Brie's workout routine, and how she gets those rock-hard legs and core, don't worry. I've got you covered. This should come as no surprise if you follow Brie on social media, but if you're new here, the Captain Marvel star hits the gym really hard. Brie shares a lot of her routines for us to follow along, and a workout with her is no joke.

Brie does a lot of weighted squats, kettlebell squats, and planks with added weights. She's also known for setting fun and intense strength goals for herself, like these one-armed pull-ups. Dang girl!

She’s also taken up rocking climbing.

Brie is also into doing things the unconventional way. She hopped on the "Anti-Hero" train to share this about herself: “My #AntiHero trait? Refusing conventional workouts,” Brie captioned a video of herself pushing a sled with all sorts of weights on it. P.S. She's also done pole dancing.

Brie also works with a nutritionist to stay meet her health and wellness goals, and to fuel her body for those workouts. Her nutritionist Dr. Philip Goglia shared a bit about the star’s diet with People.

Brie starts her day with a teaspoon of almond butter and all-fruit jam or preserves before she works out to give her a little kick. “The most recent science has shown that a little bit of fat and a little bit of simple sugar will actually increase intensity rate while you train early in the morning,” Goglia said.

Goglia then said that her go-to post-workout meals include protein shakes and eggs. Brie tends to opt for smaller-portioned snacks like fruit later in the day. For lunch, she enjoys preparing chicken with veggies, and Brie will fit in two more "bridge meals" before dinner. Dessert? More fruit.

Yum! Now, if you’ll pardon me, I’m going to look for a weighted sled to push around.

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