People are going nuts over Costco’s new 5-pound peanut butter chocolate pie

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Costco is known for, among many things, its hefty desserts. From a nearly 2.5-pound log of tiramisu to a whopping 7-pound chocolate cake, the members-only warehouse club knows how to pummel sweet tooths nationwide. Now, just in time for Pi Day, news of a new treat likely hitting store shelves has arrived, and, well, the product is another big boy.

On March 12, TikTok user @costcohotfinds, whose real name is Laura Lamb, shared a video that has piqued the interest of pie-lovers the internet over. In her video, which has amassed nearly 3 million views in a little over 24 hours, the Dallas-area Costco maven describes her experience with the store’s new 4.5-pound, $19.99Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie.

“The Costco bakery just brought out a peanut butter chocolate cream pie for the first time ever and I am screaming,” Lamb says in the video. “Peanut butter pie is my all time favorite and this Costco pie is four and a half pounds. It is huge.”

Lamb adds that the pie has a buttery graham cracker crumble crust and the center is a “perfect” peanut butter and chocolate mousse combo. “This one is dangerously delicious,” she says while taking a bite.

Thousands of people have taken to the comments section of both Lamb’s TikTok and Instagram video to share their hopes and dreams regarding finding the Costco item for themselves.

“This better be at my Costco,” said one TikTok user.

“Perfect for Pi Day,” commented another.

“I’m pregnant and can’t wait to try this,” someone commented on Instagram.

“I wouldn’t blame every expectant parent in America for snapping these all up, but I hope y’all leave a few for the rest of us to fight over lol,” another person said in response to that comment. “I’m definitely NOT pregnant and can’t wait to try this."

Many commenters asked where they could get the pie for themselves, with more than one user asking, “How can we figure out when this will be out in certain locations?”

Unfortunately for them, Costco declined to comment on this story.

“When I saw that it was showing up at Costco, I immediately had to find out where I could get myself one of these pies,” Lamb tells on being one of the first people to experience Costco's latest family-sized sweet. “When I brought it home, it was essentially breakfast at that point because I was home by like 10:20 and I immediately ate a slice and gave a slice to my son, who was surprised I was giving him pie that early. And he took one bite into it and goes, ‘Oh my god, Mom, this is like a huge peanut butter cup.’”

“Honestly it’s rich, but it’s almost light and fluffy at the same time. It’s basically half peanut butter, half chocolate cream and then it’s got that crumbly graham cracker crust,” Lamb adds. “It’s just really, really good.”

While the Costco site doesn’t yet list the pie as an option, it does notably list other pies like the 6-pound “Tootie Pie 11” Huge Original Apple Pie” for $59.99. And if you can’t find the Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie at your local Costco yet, Lamb says not to fret.

“We all know that Costco likes to give us something and take it back for a little while,” Lamb tells, adding that she was able to get the pie over the weekend because a friend who works in the bakery gave her the inside scoop that it was hitting shelves. “As long as it’s in store, I will be purchasing it and taking it to all the barbecues this spring.”

Lamb suggests calling the bakery before making a trip to the Costco closest to you if you’re interested in trying the pie for yourself. I took her advice and called my local Costco on the East Coast, and someone let me know that while it isn’t in stock yet, it might be appearing in a couple of weeks.

“We ended up eating through maybe a quarter of the pie by the end of the day, which is a lot,” Lamb says. “You could easily cut it into 16 slices. I ended up being really kind and I brought it over to my neighbor’s house, though.”

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