People hit hardware stores in preparation for more snowfall

TAKOMA PARK, Md. (DC News Now) – Old Takoma Ace Hardware report to have been extra busy over the last few days as customers prepare for more snowfall expected on Friday.

Shoppers are hitting their local hardware stores in droves.

“We started seeing that influx because the news started reporting that we’re going to see more and more inclement weather coming in,” Old Takoma Ace Hardware’s manager. Frank Lindsey, said.

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Lindsey says they made sure shelves were stocked with the supplies customers need.

“The standard snow shovels and scrapers in order to get to and from your car,” he said. “Get everything off your car so you can get to where you need to go. Then, using just the ice melt.”

Employees at Tart Lumber Company in Sterling, Va, say they see similar items coming off their shelves.

“Salt is always the one that we tend to move the most of,” Virginia Lewis, vice president of Tart Lumber Company, said. “A lot of contractors and local homeowners will need it.”

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They say you should be cognizant of the type of salt you need because choosing the wrong grade could mean major consequences for your property.

“Some salts will actually eat concrete,” Lewis said. “So, your rock salt will erode your concrete. You know when your concrete shows it’s worn down and it’s not as smooth and clean? You start to see the rocks and composition of it. It’s usually salt just eroding it.”

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