People From Illinois Travel To Kenosha For Vaccine

CBS 2's Meredith Barack reports Wisconsin's Kenosha County tweeted a picture showing no lines at its mass vaccination site. But that didn't last for long as Illinois residents crossed the state line to get a COVID shot.

Video Transcript

BRAD EDWARDS: And check this out from Kenosha County. It's a vaccine site with just a few people in line, even though appointments weren't required. CBS2's Meredith Barack joins us from Kenosha. People started coming out and not just from Wisconsin, Meredith.

MEREDITH BARACK: Yeah, Brad. The vaccination clinic here in Kenosha is closed now. And people we spoke to who were here earlier said they're eligible, but they can't find appointments elsewhere. So they took their chances and made the drive to Wisconsin.

Dozens of doses, yet no one in sight. This tweet from just after 10:00 Tuesday morning shows the empty clinic located in a former Shopko on 52nd Street.

Hours later and less than eight miles from the Illinois border, it wasn't just Wisconsinites that showed up.

LOU HABOUSH: Through some neighbors. They found out about the site, and they went on it and showed me the link. And I went to the link, and I got on it. It was super easy, unlike Illinois. [LAUGHS]

MEREDITH BARACK: Lou Haboush drove from Wilmette. He is diabetic and having surgery soon. He was the only person we found willing to talk to us crossing state lines for his shot.

LOU HABOUSH: I filled in all the information, they gave me a date and time, and here I am.

MEREDITH BARACK: Lou had an appointment, but several others showed up looking to score a shot. One couple telling us they drove from Chicago. Kenosha was closer than driving four or more hours to somewhere in Southern Illinois. Everyone had the same reason for showing up here.

LOU HABOUSH: I could have gone anywhere in Illinois. I just couldn't get a slot-- Walgreens CVS, the Illinois Cook County site. I just couldn't get on.

MEREDITH BARACK: We asked a Kenosha County Public health spokeswoman whether or not they were turning people away if they weren't Wisconsin residents. Her response, they're not. They're just trying to get shots in arms.

And Lou's response when I asked him if he felt guilty for dipping into another state's supply?

LOU HABOUSH: It's my turn anyway, so I'm not like cutting.

MEREDITH BARACK: The clinic did a run out of vaccines this afternoon but will be open again tomorrow. Now, you are encouraged to make an appointment so you're guaranteed your shot. Now, while that spokesperson did tell me they aren't turning people away, the website does warn you may be asked for proof of residency when you arrive.

Reporting live in Kenosha, I'm Meredith Barack, CBS2 News.