People in Kyiv Underground Station Dance to Traditional Music in Between Air Raids

Teatralna Metro Station was turned into a ballroom by the people of Kyiv on January 25, as the crowd sheltering from air raids performed Ukrainian folk dances to the sound of traditional music.

Journalist Olha Vorozhbyt told Storyful that she was heading back to Lviv when she came across the charming scene. There were at least three air-raid alerts in Kyiv that day, she said.

Vorozhbyt uploaded the footage to Twitter where she captioned the video, “Life war balance.”

She told Storyful that she remembered the musician, who played folk music when she lived in Kyiv 10 years ago.

“We visited his classes of Ukrainian folk dances in one of the museums,” she said. Credit: Olha Vorozhbyt via Storyful

Video Transcript