People are loving this TikToker who asked about a hairstyle

A white TikTok user is garnering praise after requesting guidance on a particular hairstyle before potentially appropriating it. TikToker @thegreatchameleon shared a video in which she asks for feedback on styling her “shorty hairs” from people of color on the video-sharing platform. “if I say anything in this video that’s problematic, please call me on that because that’s literally the last thing I’m trying to be”. The TikToker goes on to explain that she has been struggling to properly style the short hair around her face, which she calls “shorty hairs” . because, as she explains, “I still don’t know if it’s okay for me to refer to them as baby hairs”. The styling of baby hairs in the Black community has become somewhat of an art form and has been appropriated by brands before. The TikTok community provided @thegreatchameleon with a ton of insightful feedback on how to properly handle her “shorty hairs” and also thanked her for her respect. “I had so many beautiful, wonderful, kind women of color reach out to me and teach me the history and the culture behind maintaining baby hairs and laying edges,” she said