People are loving this TikToker's fresh laundry hack, but a professional cleaner says it could ruin clothes if you're not careful

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TikToker Araceli Jimenez shares her mom's thrifty laundry hack with the world. araceliigj/Tik Tok
  • A TikTok user shared a hack for keeping laundry smelling fresh for longer without dryer sheets.

  • She dunked a rag in a mixture of fabric softener and water, rung it out, and tossed it in the dryer.

  • This is useful for reducing waste, but it can ruin clothes, professional cleaner Bailey Carson said.

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A TikToker is racking up hundreds of thousands of views with a video of how she keeps clothes smelling fresh without buying dryer sheets.

While many of her TikTok followers are impressed with the cost-saving, potentially environmentally friendly hack, some viewers and a professional cleaner Insider spoke to are skeptical of the laundry method.

"Do not do this," one TikToker commented, "it will stain your clothes!"

Araceli Jimenez shared a video demonstrating the laundry hack she learned from her mom on TikTok that, at the time of writing, has more than 2.2 million views and more than 124,000 likes.

The video shows Jimenez dunking a rag in a mixture of fabric softener and water, ringing it out, and putting it in the dryer.

The hack keeps clothes smelling fresh for longer without dryer sheets, Jimenez said, and it's really simple.

"My mom has always been a really clean person," Jimenez recently told Insider. "She has all these tips and tricks and that was one of them."

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Jimenez starts by pouring fabric softener into a container full of water. She told Insider she uses an equal mixture of water and fabric softener. Then she mixes it together.

Screen Shot 2021 01 27 at 10.17.02 AM copy
Jimenez combines fabric softener with water. araceliigj/Tik Tok

Next, she soaks some kind of cleaning textile in the mixture - it could be a rag, a towel, or a sponge. After soaking it, Jimenez rigs out the textile to get rid of excess water.

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Screen Shot 2021 01 27 at 10.16.48 AM copy
Jimenez dunks a towel in the mixture. araceliigj/Tik Tok

After ringing it out, Jimenez tosses the rag in the dryer with a load of clean, wet clothes.

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Screen Shot 2021 01 28 at 9.24.56 AM copy
Jimenez throws the towel in the dryer with clothes. araceliigj/Tik Tok

"My clothes always smell good after, and I'm saving on dryer sheets," Jimenez said.

Several TikTokers have commented that the laundry hack has worked for them.

"I do this. Works great. Saves money too," one TikToker wrote. "This is amazing because my washer doesn't have an option for fabric softener!" another commented.

But Bailey Carson, head of cleaning for Handy, a household services app, cautions that this thrifty hack may not be for everyone.

For starters, fabric softer can irritate skin conditions like eczema, Carson told Insider.

"This is an interesting hack, but the need for it will depend on everyone's personal level of thriftiness," Carson also told Insider."Keeping a mix of fabric softener and water in a small container to refill as needed can replace dryer sheets that are often seen as wasteful."

Carson said that, while the hack may reduce waste, it could also damage your clothes.

"This hack has the additional risk of causing damage to clothes in the drying process such as residue spots and in some cases lifting dye from clothing that can't be reversed," Carson said.

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While several TikTok viewers commented warning other viewers that this hack can leave residue spots on clothes, Jimenez told Insider that she hasn't personally experienced this and is still a big fan of the hack.

"I really try and balance the softener and water mixture and ring out the cloth or sponge I use for that not to happen," she said.

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