People Are Obsessing Over This 'Forbidden' Costco Hack & We Have Some Questions

The internet has done it again—people miraculously found a way to take two things we love and combine them to create a crazy new food hack. This time around, the frankenfood blowing up on social media is Costco's Forbidden Glizzy.

While the Forbidden Glizzy might sound ominous, it simply combines two Costco food court favorites: the famous all-beef hot dog and the chicken bake. A heavy snack on its own, the chicken bake features chicken breast strips, mozzarella, provolone and parmesan cheeses, bacon, Caesar dressing, and green onions in a hand-rolled crust. It's kind of like a Hot Pocket.

Here's how you make the Forbidden Glizzy: According to posts on Twitter and Reddit, once you've purchased both menu items, you'll need to bite off one or both ends of the chicken bake and then place your hot dog inside of the chicken bake. Whether you'd like to remove the hot dog from the bun before placing it in the chicken bake is completely up to you.

One SFGATE writer who was brave enough to try one described it as "sinful," "gluttonous," and "pretty tasty."

"The chicken chunks were grilled and tasted like real meat, but then I encountered a surprise bit of hot dog...Still, because this portable meal of processed meats was smothered in delicious Caesar dressing and a trifecta of Italian cheese, it kept luring me back for another bite of those flavors," they wrote.

So there you have it. We're still unsure why the dish is being called "forbidden," but we certainly have our suspicions (it's a little... suggestive). Will you be grabbing a Forbidden Glizzy on your next Costco run?

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