What People Are Saying And Doing After Getting The COVID Vaccine

For the very first time today, hundreds of people in Des Plaines received the Johnson & Johnson one-dose vaccine. CBS 2 Investigator Megan Hickey reports many patients are looking forward to "life after vaccine."

Video Transcript

MEGAN HICKEY: Right, [? Brad. ?] We talk to patients who walked out after a few minutes, now, fully vaccinated. But what does it really mean for their day to day life? The answer still isn't very clear.

- There's no second dose.

- Yes.

- Diane Campbell is in the 65 plus group.

- We had cell phones, laptops. Refresh, refresh, refresh.

- Carisa Mitchell works in health care.

- And I kept trying, and trying, and trying. And I, finally, got in.

- The latest recipients of the one dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine at the first large scale J&J vaccination site in Illinois.

- I used to work for Johnson and Johnson years ago.

- Both tell me, they feel a weight lifted off their shoulders.

CARISA MITCHELL: I feel relieved definitely. Like I said, I can go into work. I can have patients in my office and not have to worry so much.

- But how does life really change for someone who's fully vaccinated? Can fully vaccinated people gather in small groups? So far, the CDC hasn't released their guidelines.

ROCHELLE WALENSKY: We are making sure and taking the time to get this right. And we will be releasing this guidance soon.

- Yeah, I don't think we know the answer to all these questions yet.

- Dr. Kelly Michaelson of Northwestern's Feinberg School of Medicine tells me, the CDC has said, fully vaccinated people don't need to quarantine in certain cases.

KELLY MICHAELSON: After being exposed in a close contact with someone who has COVID, if you've been vaccinated in the last three months, so those are the things that we know right now. But we're hoping to hear a little bit more guidance from the CDC coming soon.

- Meanwhile, these patients--

- This is [? visa ?] card, showing that you've had it done today.

- --are content just thinking about the things they're going to be able to do.

DIANE CAMPBELL: So if I do go to a restaurant, and I do get to eat in public, again, you know, I'd be able to take my mask off and feel a little secure.

- Today, the site booked 800 appointments. Cook County officials expect to deliver up to 3,500 vaccines a day once they're fully up and running, and, of course, if they have adequate vaccine supply. Live in Des Plaines, Megan Hickey, CBS 2 Investigators.