People Are Sharing Examples Of "Money Talks, Wealth Whispers," And My Non-Rich Mind Is Boggled

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Recently, I wrote a post about people sharing examples of the phrase "Money talks, wealth whispers." People provided fascinating examples of how truly wealthy — like super wealthy — people behave/spend differently than those who are trying to be perceived as rich.

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And our BuzzFeed Community came through with examples of their own. Here's what they said:

1."Rich people have the super flashy, gaudy, oversized mansions. Wealthy people still have large houses, but they’re more understated, and they have several properties in different areas of the world."


2."Rich people buy fancy cars and show them off. Wealthy people are driven."


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3."Wealth doesn't name check. They don't need to mention which knickerbocker they had lunch with on such and such day. Rothschilds and Hiltons and Vanderbilts just know. They met up with friends."


4."I used to work in a fine dining restaurant, and with, like, 90% accuracy I could tell whether someone was wealthy based on how casually they were dressed. I had a couple who were regulars, and they always came in wearing sweatshirts, spending $300+; whereas, if people were really dressed up, you could tell it was a special occasion. Again, not always accurate … but usually!"


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5."I work at a private school, and you can always tell the difference between the super wealthy and the nouveau rich. The super rich moms are immaculately dressed, everything fits perfectly, not a hair out of place. They have a put together look you cannot emulate. They also wear perfume that smells amazing but not overpowering. Nouveau rich parents usually show up in brand name stuff (Gucci, Prada, etc.), wear their sunglasses indoors, much flashier makeup. I also notice that the old money parents treat their kids like anyone else regardless of their wealth, while the new money have unreasonable expectations."


6."I'm a home health aide, and I've served both rich people and wealthy people. Those are two different kinds of people. First thing is wealthy people are not nervous around me or unsure about what I'm there to do. Rich people often try to get in the way of me doing my job or try to offer me food, drinks, or help. It's nice, but it crosses a needed line between servant and the served. Wealthy people have almost always had help before, so they know what's to be expected from them. It's like knowing the steps to a dance so both can dance flawlessly. Rich people step on my feet a lot."


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7."I live in an area where everyone is wealthy. Landowners, financiers, etc. Let me tell you, the richer they are the more busted their car is; they get it fixed but won’t buy a new one. Usually hoarders of some capacity, clothes are just kinda shabby, and they have all the time in the world to pursue what actually interests them, and that’s normally something niche that costs a bit to maintain the hobby. The more busted they look, the richer they are usually."


8."The clothes they wear — for truly wealthy people, it doesn't matter if it's designer or thrift shop. Everything fits them well and is clean. They can afford tailors, dry-cleaners, and stylists, and always look put-together."


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9."Truly wealthy people will sell expensive items — houses, trucks, motorcycles, etc. — to close friends and family for well under market because they don't care about the profit."


10."Rich" people are loud and obnoxious af. Wealthy people just live like if having so much money is normal. They basically don't care bout other people's perception of them."


11."If they're wearing real Oxford dress shoes."


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12."If I go to dinner at their house, they have some expensive things in their fridge or pantry, as well as some store brand products if it's good quality. In my experience, Safeway and Costco have good store brands, and other retailers have store brands that have good products. Non-rich people tend to have a bias toward store brands and won't bother trying them, or just write them off as 'fake.'"


13."People who want to be perceived as rich will bring things up that speak to their 'wealth' even when they're not asked."


Did they miss any examples? Let me know in the comments below!