People Are Sharing The Personality Types They Hate The Most, And You Might Get Called Out

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Humans wouldn't be very interesting if we all had the same exact personality. In fact, clashing personality types is an ESSENTIAL ingredient for delicious drama.

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In a Reddit thread a while back, user u/onionslut asked people to open up about the personality types they clash with the most, and lemme tell ya — the responses were both juicy AND accurate:

1."The chronic bullshitters. You know, the people who will expound on topics as if they know what they're talking about because they're hinging their bets that everyone else around them doesn't know either."



2."Toxic positivity. People who insist that they are happy 100% of the time and that it is pointless to be angry or sad for any reason. They will immediately tell you to look on the bright side instead of listening and showing empathy."


3."The one-uppers. No matter what story or experience you have had, they have a similar one that is just better than yours."


4."And the one-downers. The people who are like, 'Oh you only had five hours of sleep? Yeah your life is soooo hard. I had four hours of sleep, and you don’t see me complaining.'"


5."People who wrap their entire 'personality' around the phrase, 'I’m just telling it how it is'...NO! You do not get to use that shitty phrase to be an asshole to people. There is a difference between providing constructive criticism when it’s asked for/necessary/appropriate/etc., and tearing people down for tiny things."



6."Obnoxious people that insist on having their own way and who feel the need to dominate conversations."


7."Micromanagers. Don't give me vague instructions and then nitpick when my interpretation doesn't match exactly what you envisioned."


8."Anyone who is incapable of having a serious conversation. I like a good joke as much as anyone, and sarcasm has its place, but sometimes you just need to be serious for five minutes. You don't have to slip a joke into every sentence."


9."Highly intelligent narcissists. They have a huge ego and boast about everything, but I can't counter it, because they're actually really good at what they do."



10."People who can't just admit they made a mistake and move on."


11."People who try to force conversations about politics 24/7."


12."Passive aggressives. I will literally walk away halfway through a conversation for fear I might give them a spinning bird kick to their chops."


13."The advice-rejecting complainer. They just want to be the eternal victim."

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14."People who openly brag about everything they do. For example, 'Bro, today I took the biggest breath of air, possibly the biggest breath ever taken.'"


15."People who constantly feel the need to bring others down to make themselves feel better."


16."Guys who constantly are trying to 'prove their masculinity.'"


17."People who are always making innuendos during conversation. Please stop! This doesn’t make you look cool!"



18.And finally, "Extroverts that don’t respect that I’m an introvert."


Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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