People Are Sharing How They Started Their Affairs And I Can't Stop Reading

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Reddit user u/TacosandFantasyFB recently asked users "How did your affair start?


From there, people started revealing their affair stories and they're pretty messy. You just have to take a look for yourself:

1."We met at work and started having threesomes with my wife. One thing led to another and we started hooking up without her. Thankfully my wife forgave me and we were able to reconcile."



2."I was really into erotic stories online. I wrote a few and would chat on the discussion boards. There was an older woman who I chatted with and she worked near my apartment. I was in my early 20s and she was in her late 30s."

"We arranged to meet during her lunch break and I went to pick her up and she was like, 'Let's skip lunch and go back to yours.' We did this a few times a week for a few months. I found out early on that she was married, but not really happily married. She eventually stopped calling and messaging for lunch dates."


  Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures

3."I found out my S.O. was cheating on me so I decided to cheat on her as an act of revenge. It did not make me feel any better. It pretty much did the exact opposite actually. I just felt like I was a piece of shit as well. It was a very short 'affair.'"


4."My husband spent a few years trying to talk me into cuckolding and I told him I’m not that kind of person and that I wanted love and to feel like I was enough for someone. He wouldn’t stop asking, it’s all he talked about, and it ruined our sex life completely. He developed erectile dysfunction and kept suggesting I find someone else to have sex with."

"Eventually I did start seeing other people and the rule was 'Never have any feelings for other people' but that’s basically the ONLY rule put forward. Anyway, two times I fell for someone who told me that I was all they wanted and I was enough for them. My husband noticed when I started having feelings (or I confessed) and he demanded that I stop but I didn’t. Both of those men were lying completely and seeing other women while telling me that then I initiated a divorce."


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T-Mobile / Via

5.""I popped the question to my first wife and my team decided to throw me a bachelor party at a strip club. My coworker went and we ended up making out, not even sure as I was so drunk. The next day I'm walking down the aisle to get married and I couldn't get my coworker out of my mind. I should have manned up and called it that day."

"A month later we bought a home and two months after that I was sleeping with my coworker. In my defense, if there is any, and there honestly is not, I didn't have sex with my coworker until after letting my wife know we needed to separate. We divorced and I married my coworker and all my family and friends said, 'Dude, she's going to burn you down one day' and she most certainly did eventually. My first wife would have done anything for second was shit. It's a huge life mistake that I'm ashamed of to this day."


6."I was cheated on many times by my ex-wife. When I say many, I know about at least 18 people. I was always faithful. She was good at making me believe it was my fault and with kids involved, I kept trying to make things work. Eventually it killed me inside and I stopped caring about our marriage, myself, my life and I fantasized about revenge cheating or divorcing. I caught her cheating again and this time she was bold enough to suggest we be in an open marriage. It’s not what I wanted, but I figured 'fuck it' and maybe I’ll find a sliver of happiness. She wanted to control who I met though, and she talked me into going on a date with her best friend who was her boss at the time."

"My wife thought she could make sure nothing led to more than a kiss. Well, unfortunately for her, we hit it off on the first date. Long story short, we all decided to have a threesome a month later which was supposed to be the first time my wife's friend and I would be doing anything sexual but it wasn't. It was obvious to my wife that her friend and I were far too familiar with each other than we should have been. I guess it takes a cheater to know one. That was the last night my ex-wife and I were together. We divorced soon after and I started getting my life back. I am actually happily married to her friend now. I no longer feel dead inside, and I feel like I married my best friend."



7."A woman knocked on the door of the EMS station in town and asked for a volunteer application. It was a pretty unremarkable first meeting other than I thought she was beautiful. Fast forward two weeks or so and I run into her at a bar with her fiancé. We exchanged numbers that night on a professional level only. Soon after she starts coming to trainings. She was already a nurse and we had an EMT class running at the time. I happened to be one of the teachers of the class."

"Long story short, we started spending a lot of time together. We talked a lot more often. Started 'accidentally' running into each other at the local drinking establishments. Before you know it, we were much more than friends. That started a long couple years of a both awesome and dark time in my life. I don’t regret much of it. But I’ll say this, if I was older, wiser, and not a party animal, I would be with her today."


8."She was an older (mid 30s) banker. She was funny and worldly and she took a huge interest in me. She told me to meet her one day in the safe where all the sensitive paper files used to be kept. I thought it was for legit business and next thing I knew she was going down on me."

"We kept it quiet cause I was like 18 and figured it'd be an awesome little summer fling, and obviously we weren't supposed to be getting it on at work. Then I found out, after about the hottest month of sex I ever had, that she was keeping it quiet because she was fucking married."



9."My girlfriend told me 'You're lucky that you have me. If you ever leave me, you’ll die alone because no one would want you.' So I had this burning desire to prove her wrong. I ended up sleeping with her boss."


10."I was stuck in a non-physical marriage with a hoarder who didn’t keep up with house repairs. I spent four months drinking bottled water because the well wasn’t safe without work. I couldn’t get out because I was 20 km from anywhere, and had a car that didn’t run. A coworker usually picked me up for work, or I walked to the closest carpool lot. I cracked under the loneliness and stress when a coworker found me attractive."

"Turned out my husband was closeted. I wasn’t running on all cylinders after all that either. He’s got a roommate now, the house is fixed, I’m still with my coworker after 10 years and we all get together every so often."


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20th Century Fox

11."I wasn’t happy in my marriage. I was traveling for work and was at dinner with someone else who had traveled into the location. We were the last two out and were talking. I asked about her family, she said her husband was an asshole. One thing led to another, and we started an affair for the next two years."


12."This was like 12 years ago. I was 19 she was 24 and married. They were in the process of getting a divorce, but she sort of failed to tell me they were technically still married. Her husband was trying to fix the marriage at the time, which is what I learned eventually, and he eventually found out about me and was rightfully pissed."

"I straight up told him she wears no ring and said she was recently divorced. I felt like shit but the sex was incredible. It lasted like six months and I got out of that whole scenario completely."


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13."I lost a bunch of weight after my ex broke up with me due to depression. I went back to him after we had a chitchat about our break up and what he did. Since losing so much weight, I was getting a TON of new attention and my boyfriend had gone back to business as usual meaning he didn’t try to date me or impress me or complement me or anything. A guy at work started showing me the attention I wasn’t getting from my boyfriend and after hanging out a few times we ended up sleeping together."

"My boyfriend knew I’m pretty sure but I broke up with him telling him I loved him but didn’t like him anymore. But they say 'How you get them is how you keep them' and the guy I cheated on my boyfriend with cheated on me with two coworkers. He got them both pregnant and one of them was my best friend."


14.And "I got the attention I wasn’t getting from my partner at the time by flirting on FaceBook. My partner was so inattentive I went and fucked another guy almost every afternoon for about three months before I ended it, and he never knew."

"I was very young and inexperienced and we are not still together. This happened about ten years ago and I don’t even speak to either one of them anymore."


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