People are sharing their ultimate festival lineups with Instafest, an app that links to Spotify to reveal your most listened-to artists

An example poster using the app Instafest.
The project was created by 20-year-old college student Anshay Saboo.Twitter: @AnshaySaboo, Anshay Saboo
  • Instafest creates a festival poster based on your Spotify account's most listened-to artists.

  • Users of the third-party app are sharing their results on social media.

  • It was created by college student Anshay Saboo who said it had over 6.5 million users in five days.

People are sharing their dream festival lineups on social media using Instafest, a third-party app that links to their Spotify account and creates a poster featuring their most listened-to artists.

Users of the app have the option to create posters that include their top artists from three different periods, ranging from the last four weeks of listening, to the last six months, or all-time.

The name of the festival is automatically generated from the Spotify account it's linked to, and the app provides a "basic score" which is a rating "from 0-100 based on how niche your festival music is," although both of these options can be hidden from the final result.

Many have shared their Instafest results on social media as well as their reactions to the app, including musicians QuestLove and Derivakat.

The project was created by 20-year-old Anshay Saboo, a mobile app developer and student at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Saboo told Insider he was "floored by the response" he had received from people using the service and sharing their results online.

"I never expected it to grow to the scale which it has now, it's reached over 6.5M users in just five days," he said. "All my social media feeds have been filled with people posting their festival graphics, and it makes me really happy seeing people have fun sharing and talking about their festivals and music tastes."

Saboo had the original idea for the project this past spring as he was scrolling through TikTok watching videos of Coachella. He wondered what the festival lineup would look like if he could choose the artists himself, and decided to create a musical festival graphic that was automatically generated from Spotify.

"I really wanted to build something that people would have fun looking at and sharing with their friends, and the vision was to provide a fun and culturally relevant new way for people to bond over their love of music," he told Insider.

Saboo is now in the process of expanding the website to support other streaming services — including Apple Music and YouTube Music — to make the app available to a wider audience. He has not heard from Spotify, but he said, "I hope they've at least noticed the project."

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