People shred bad 2020 memories at NY Times Square

Coronavirus topped the list of things people want to leave behind in 2020 and not take into the new year at the annual Good Riddance Day paper shredder event in Times Square. (Dec. 28)

Video Transcript

- All right, what are you saying bye to?

- Blended learning and COVID-19.

- All right, say goodbye to blended learning and COVID-19. Drop it in.

- Good bye.

- We've got a Patriots fan in the house. Oh.

- See?

- I mean, see? Only in 2020 would the actual good riddance thing try to get back out of the machine.

- That's a bad sign.

- No, it's a great sign because we're going to double shred it. And it's gone.

- Awesome.

- Thank you so much.

- Thank you.

So we shredded blended learning and COVID-19, blended learning because it's just not fun anymore. Kids need to go back to school, and they need to learn and be around their friends and just interact with people other than their parents 24/7. And COVID-19 because it's just miserable, and it needs to go away at this point.

- And 2021, it's going to be different. We're going to see each other in person, and there's going to be a spirit of optimism. It's coming already with the vaccine, but it's really going to be coming later in the year. So here we go.

- All right, Tim. Let's say goodbye to Zoom and gloom.