Calling Everyone Who Went Into A Relationship Trying To "Fix" Or Change Someone — What Happened?

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We've all been there — falling for someone who would be *perfect* if they could just...get it together.


Maybe they're a womanizer, or have problems with commitment. Maybe they even told you they don't want a relationship.


Or maybe they're a bit of a partier, and make a lot of reckless or even dangerous decisions.


Or maybe they lack the responsibility you're looking for and just plain refuse to grow up.

Nick saying "I am not a successful adult, I don't eat vegetables and/or take care of myself" on New Girl

Maybe they're even a serial liar or an absentee parent, or just overall...not the best person.


Still, you think — maybe I can change them. Maybe they'll get better — more responsible, more into you, more committed.


People who have gone into a relationship hoping to change or "fix" the other person — what ended up happening? What did you learn? Let us know in the comments below and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

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