People watch Netflix while 'on the go' and the company reportedly wants that data

Each year, more and more people are injured as a result of texting, talking or paying too much attention to their smartphone screen while walking.

As a growing number of people become aware of the dangers of distracted walking (and driving), Netflix is reportedly beta testing a feature that wants to track how users engage with the video streaming app while "on the go."

A security researcher recently noticed that the Netflix Android app added a menu requesting "physical activity access." He then posted a screenshot on Twitter of the new prompt.

"Hey @netflix why does your Android app want physical activity data?" @BetoOnSecurity tweeted in late July.

The physical activity sensors are usually used to monitor your walking, jogging and biking habits, however, potential access could also mean that Netflix is looking into how people watch videos while taking public transit or driving.

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A Netflix spokesperson told USA TODAY the activity tracking tool is “part of a test to see how (the company) can improve video playback quality when a member is on the go.” It remains unclear what tasks constitute "on the go."

The movie streaming app says it's only testing the feature on some accounts, and that there were no current plans for a wider rollout.

"We are continually testing ways to give our members a better experience,” Netflix said in a statement.

If you're an Android user who doesn't want Netflix knowing where you are, you can simply turn the tracking off by opening the Settings menu and turning the “Physical Activity Permission” toggle on Netflix to "deny."

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Why does the Netflix app want access to your physical activity?