We Want To Know Why You Decided Not To Marry Your Long-Time Partner Anymore

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Even though it can be amazing to be engaged with somebody doesn't mean it will always end up working out.

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And since breaking up with a long-time partner is incredibly common and normal — even when you thought you would be with them forever — we want to know why you decided to end the engagement.

Perhaps you ended the engagement because your partner acted in a way that was really shocking and it impacted not only how you viewed them but the relationship as well.

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Or maybe even though you were with them for years, the direction of your lives was heading in different directions, and you no longer saw your future together, even after the proposal.

Or finally, maybe things were always rough within the relationship but thought things would be different once they proposed, but one day, you just had enough and needed to end things after trying to make it work for years.

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When you did decide to end things, how did the talk go with your partner? Also, how did you feel after the fact and do you regret your decision at all?

Whatever the reason is, please tell us in the comments below or in the Google form here when you realized you no longer wanted to marry your partner and why.