People working to help homeless stay warm during winter weather

The Nashville Fairgrounds are serving as a homeless shelter and are remaining open during the day so people can stay warm.

Video Transcript

KIM LEOFFLER: The city of Nashville created an overflow homeless shelter at the fairgrounds due to COVID-19 last spring, and it's still serving the homeless here during this winter weather.

PAULA FOSTER: The shelter is staying open during the day, which it normally does not. So we're hoping that folks just stay there so that they're not out in the elements today.

KIM LEOFFLER: Paula Foster's organization, Open Table Nashville, typically canvasses the city to help transport people to the shelters. But the weather has made that difficult.

PAULA FOSTER: Right now, we can't get out on the roads. We did the best we could yesterday to connect people to mass transit. We were preparing over the weekend to make sure that folks had what they needed. And so we were out giving out tents, tarps, sleeping bags, propane, heaters.

KIM LEOFFLER: Shelters are also open in Louisville. People were lining up outside this church to get inside.

In Texas, warm places to stay are limited due to the power outage issues. Dallas County officials are asking people with a power source to help others stay warm.

CLAY LEWIS JENKINS: The rec centers, the libraries that we could normally open in the areas where people are cold are without power. We've got to ask everybody to use their private boat as part of our Navy today. And so if you've got a place that's working off a generator, you know, that you can pull some people in to warm themselves, consider doing that.

KIM LEOFFLER: For AccuWeather, I'm Kim Leoffler.