Perfect timing as azaleas bloom for the Masters

The flowers can be impacted by temperature, and if it warms up in Georgia, experts say they'll last only a few more weeks.

Video Transcript

KIM LEOFFLER: Augusta National Golf Course is known for their azaleas, but the exact timing of the bloom can fluctuate each year depending on the temperature.

MICHAEL SHEEK: Just the typical temperature roller coaster in Georgia.

KIM LEOFFLER: Michael Sheek is with the Atlanta Botanical Garden, which also features several azaleas. He says the ones at the Masters are evergreen azaleas like these, which are native to Asia. The garden also features native azaleas to Georgia, which are taller and more fragrant.

MICHAEL SHEEK: Their flowers are very delicate and they can't really withstand the heat of the summer, so they bloom at kind of the beginning, middle of spring when the weather is cooler and the temperatures are milder. And then that way, the flowers lasts a little bit longer.

KIM LEOFFLER: He says last week's cold snap across the state, which saw freezing temperatures overnight in some areas, didn't impact the azaleas, since it was quick, and some of the flowers were still in bud. But warmer temperatures aren't great for the plants either.

MICHAEL SHEEK: The faster it gets warm, the less that those flowers will last very long. So the cooler nights and the cooler afternoons will prolong the life of those flowers, but if we have a spell where it warms up kind of quickly, like now, then these flowers will probably only last maybe another week or so.

KIM LEOFFLER: So lucky for Masters fans on site and watching from home, this week is a perfect time to see the azaleas in bloom. For AccuWeather, I'm Kim Leoffler.