Periods Of Wind Will Return Fire Danger In Some Spots

Watch Meteorologist Dave Aguilera's forecast

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- All right, let's get over to meteorologist Dave Aguilera. And, Dave, it is a really nice day out there now.

DAVE AGUILERA: Nice day except the wind is really whipping up there. There's our anemometer on the rooftop, and just this afternoon it's really rocking and rolling out there, anywhere from 20 to 30 mile per hour. There's some of the flags flapping in downtown Denver. And the wind gusts, look at this. From Denver to Greeley, it's going 23 to 33 miles per hour and even stronger should get out over the eastern plains of Colorado, and that's where we have a high wind warning until 6 o'clock for gusts up to 60 mile per hour. As we get into the evening hours, it should die down somewhat and then return tomorrow.

The wind is coming from the backside of that low that blew through here, gave us all that moisture. In fact, this morning we still have a little bit of rain and snow going on in northeastern Colorado before the thing really pulled on out of here.

Right now, the center of that storm, low-pressure trough moving over parts of Nebraska and Kansas on its way out to Missouri here. And behind it in Arizona we've got a high-pressure ridge. So the pressure gradient between those two systems is what's really charging the wind this afternoon.

Tomorrow will clear out, but the wind will return because we've got another front that will move through here on Friday. This one's just knocking on the door in Portland right now. But as that one moves in, that's going to ramp up the winds tomorrow afternoon as well, and that could cause a problem with the fire danger. We'll show you that in a moment.

So tonight the winds die down somewhat. Tomorrow morning still windy in some of the mountains, but the eastern plains kind of relax a little bit. And then as that front gets closer that's coming in on Friday in the afternoon and evening tomorrow, the winds will ramp up. And as a result, look at this. From noon to 9:00 PM Thursday, Fort Collins, Greeley, all the way down through Deer Trail, Limon, and Lamar down here, northeastern Colorado, part of the San Luis Valley, Fremont County down here, down near Walsenburg, and also a big area of western Colorado has the high fire danger tomorrow for gusts up to 35 to 40 and humidity levels only about 10% to 15%. So despite that big moisture bomb we had yesterday, we're going to jump right back into the fire danger for some folks because that wind will dry things out.

62 our high temperature today at the airport officially. 63 downtown, and we made it normal to about 59 degrees. So that's still above normal for this time of year.

Bob Rising in Estes Park, our weather watcher there, coming in at 48. And Ron Hranac at 58 in Lone Tree. He said he had somewhere between two and three inches of snow out of that little blast we had.

So for tonight, partly cloudy skies across the state during the afternoon tomorrow. Maybe a few sprinkles of rain over southern Colorado, but for the most part, the state will stay dry and just on the windy side.

Lows tonight 30s and 20s across the state, and then highs tomorrow down low, 60s and 70s, and then in the mountains we'll be in the 50s to near 60-degree readings from most locations up there.

So tonight, mostly clear, breezy. Close to 40 for the overnight low. Tomorrow, 68 officially, but we may make it to 70 in downtown Denver. Mostly sunny with the breezes continuing. And then windy on Friday and cooler at 50. 67 Saturday, mostly sunny. And another little front comes in on Sunday. It'll be windy, 57, and we might get a little nighttime rain-snow mix coming in on Sunday, much like what we saw yesterday. So the pattern just kind of going up and down like a roller coaster there just a little bit.

- Well, we're used to that, Dave.

DAVE AGUILERA: Oh yeah, for sure.