Permanent glass recycling bin set to open in O'Hara

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Jun. 10—A permanent glass recycling bin at the O'Hara municipal building will open Saturday.

A kickoff event will be 10 a.m. to noon in the township parking lot, 325 Fox Chapel Road.

O'Hara, Aspinwall and Blawnox joined efforts to offer the dumpster after glass recycling was dropped from several municipal garbage contracts in recent months.

In some communities, even when glass is collected, it is not being recycled.

That means it leaves the curb but still winds up in a landfill.

Township Manager Julie Jakubec said the three communities value the importance of recycling and wanted a better option.

A blue 22-foot by 8-foot container will sit on a concrete pad in the far corner of the administrative parking lot in O'Hara. It will be open during daylight hours seven days a week.

All colors of glass bottles, jars and jugs are allowed.

Caps, lids and labels are acceptable.

The three towns worked with the Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC), which is seeking local government partners to ensure bottles, jars and other items continue to be recycled.

The PRC will be on hand at the recycling center opening to educate residents about waste reduction and answer questions about hard-to-recycle items.

"Glass is still one of the most recyclable materials we generate in our homes, and the market for glass recycling is very strong," PRC Recycling Markets Program Manager Ashley DiGregorio said.

"It's important from an environmental perspective to keep glass out of landfills. When it's all mixed together, you really don't know if the glass will really ever get recycled, but when it's dropped off at a collection site, you know that 100 percent of it is going to be turned into something new."

A ton of natural resources is saved for every ton of glass that is recycled, according to the EPA.

Glass is 100% recyclable and can be repurposed endlessly without a loss in purity, according to the Glass Packaging Institute.

Aspinwall Manager Melissa Lang-O'Malley said the cost to empty the dumpster will be $600 each time and will be split by the three municipalities.

She said she doesn't expect the cost to become a problem.

Tawnya Panizzi is a Tribune-Review staff writer. You can contact Tawnya at 724-226-7726, or via Twitter .