Perry residents asked to conserve water

PERRY, Okla. (KFOR) — Residents in Perry are being asked to reduce water use as issues are plaguing the small town.

Water main breaks and low water pressure due to the latest cold snap has left the city in a crisis.

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Mayor Lawrence Wortham said these issues have completely depleted the towns water supply.

“Between that and the leaks with residents and dripping faucets, we’ve lost a lot of water,” said Wortham.

Businesses throughout the town as well as schools were closed Wednesday as the town struggled to repair and recharge.

“When the schools open, that’s going to use quite a bit of water,” said Wortham. “We’ve been trying to gain back our water, part of the process is that we have to clean the water and provide water that’s safe for our residents.”

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Billie Patak is one of many forced to watch her water usage.

“It’s hard not being able to wash clothes,” said Patak. “We aren’t taking showers as often and we only wash dishes in a small amount of water.”

The mayor said city crews are working tirelessly to fix the problem.

“A lot of our guys have gone nonstop for 48 hours plus,” said Wortham.

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The town is distributing pallets of water at the armory and getting help from neighboring towns.

Wortham hopes water levels will return to normal by next week, but said he may need the state’s help if the leaks and breaks continue.

“There’s so much that a small town can do, but having to call in the National Guard could have been a point that we could have reached one,” said Wortham.

The city is asking residents to keep conserving water so the system can continue to build up.

Wortham also said he hopes school and businesses will reopen before the weekend.

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