Victims ID'd, man arrested in Kenosha bar shooting that killed 3, injured 3 others: sheriff

Three people were killed and at least three others were seriously injured from a shooting in Kenosha County early Sunday morning. A person of interest is now in custody, officials said.

Video Transcript

CATE CAUGUIRAN: Authorities though have yet to officially name those three victims. But one of the men identified by his brother and girlfriend told me tonight, the Kenosha father had so much more life to live. Candlelight shining through flashing police lights. A Memorial standing before a mass shooting investigation. The tribute here, honoring three men who were shot and killed overnight.

CARTIER GASTON: At the end day, it doesn't even make sense. It doesn't makes sense to me at all that somebody has to take his life.

CATE CAUGUIRAN: Cartier Gaston drove four hours from Detroit after finding out his youngest brother, Cedric, was one of the three killed.

CARTIER GASTON: I love my brother dearly. He is my best friend. He was my everything. I just try to tell them to get up out of here. It's just, it's too late.

CATE CAUGUIRAN: Kenosha County Sheriff's Department said the shooting happened just before 12:45 this morning at the Somers house tavern on Sheridan Road. Heidi Wittwer was one of the dozens inside the packed bar at the time.

HEIDI WITTWER: We were told to duck and then everyone started running and we all just ran very fast.

CATE CAUGUIRAN: Investigators believe the shooter may have been asked to leave the bar after a confrontation before coming back and firing multiple shots.

SHERIFF DAVID BETH: We don't believe this was a random act. I currently believe that the gunman knew who the victims were.

CATE CAUGUIRAN: Authorities say at least three others were taken to nearby hospitals with serious injuries. Tonight victims loved ones hosted a vigil including Cedric's girlfriend, Veronica, while holding on to one another and the memories of those lost.

VERONICA SCALIA: He would light up your day no matter what. When you walked into the bar there was smiles. Everything.

CATE CAUGUIRAN: The Kenosha County Sheriff's Department say they do have one person in custody who will face charges pending the outcome of this investigation.