Peru ex-President detained, accused of 'rebellion'

STORY: Peru’s ousted former president, Pedro Castillo, was ordered to a seven-day preliminary jail sentence on Thursday, a day after he was arrested and criminally charged with "rebellion and conspiracy."

The widely unpopular leader’s swift fall from power came after congressional lawmakers voted overwhelming to remove him, after Castillo tried to dissolve Congress illegally in a bid to stay in office and avoid a third impeachment vote.

His downfall follows months of instability and multiple corruption scandals.

On the day of his arrest, supporters of Castillo clashed with riot police in Lima, while others took to the streets to celebrate the ex-leader's ousting.

On Thursday, his supporters protested outside the prison where he was being held.

Castillo’s lawyer rejected the rebellion charge, arguing that such an act implies use of weapons and violence, which he said never occurred.

Prosecutors said he should be behind bars.

"It is to be noted that if freed, Mr. Castillo could communicate with government officials to hide or destroy elements of conviction that prevent the investigation of the truth."

Meanwhile, Castillo's successor and former vice president Dina Boluarte issued her first pronouncements at the presidential palace - a day after being sworn in as Peru’s first female president.

“I think that the assumption of the presidency at this time is a bit of a reorientation of what needs to be done with the country, later on, in coordination with all the organizations we will be looking at alternatives to better reorient the destiny of the country."

Boluarte may ultimately have to call for early elections to bring stability to a country that has been mired in political turmoil for years.

The new president said calling early elections would be "democratically respectable" but added she wants to hold additional discussions first, without adding further details.