Pet gifts 2022: Spoil your furry friends for the holidays with the latest in toys, treats

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Dear human,

I have been very, very good this year. Oh, all right, I haven’t been that good, but you gotta admit I am cuter and more demonstrative than a lot of bipeds you may know.

I have come across some nifty gifties I would love, but since I don’t have money or plastic, I am asking, begging you, even, for them. Please, please, please?

I promise to reward your generosity with lots of snuggles, adorable head tilts and tail wags. Plus, I promise to keep the midnight hairball coughing to a minimum.

Can’t wait to see what you get me for the holidays!


Your fur baby

Vesper Castle

A cat’s home is his castle, literally, with Catit’s new Vesper Castle, which allows kitties to survey their kingdom from inside their very own tower. The playhouse is complete with a drawbridge, two levels to explore, a soft, padded cushion and a weighted base for stability. Combine it with the Vesper Tunnel play “dungeon tunnel.” The play furniture features an inner soft cushion, rounded edges and fabric that does not attract cat hair.

Best Dog Parent Holiday Box Ever!

The Dog Mom Holiday Box contains a waterproof green neoprene walking bag so humans can store phones and keys, and, most importantly, doggie treats, before heading for adventures. It’s got poop bags, too.

There’s also a water bottle that allows dogs to drink from the attached bowl without wasting a drop, since when Poochie is done drinking, the excess H2O drains back into the bottle.

The kit contains six 6-inch Bully Sticks, an excellent protein source that fits nicely in the Walking Bag, plus six dental chews with tasty beef collagen. A holiday themed bandana is a perfect accessory.

PIXI Smart Mouse Camera

This cute posable camera is designed for two-way communication between cat and owner. Owners can record live footage, check in on their cats, and talk or listen to pets while away from home. Using the Catit PIXI app, save those HD photos and videos to your smart device or go viral on TikTok.

Monster Bone

This dinosaur-sized beauty is big in size and taste. Sourced from free-range cattle, the bone even includes some tendon for added flavor. Even aggressive chewers should be busy for hours with this one.

Boss Dog Tactical Collars and Leashes

For that don’t-mess-with-me cool factor Boss Dog offers Tactical collars and coordinating leashes made from heavy-duty yet lightweight military nylon webbing and neoprene lining. Leashes feature two-trigger anti-rust safety clips made with aviation aluminum.

Animo GPS

One in three dogs will go missing in their lifetime, 80% of them escaping from their home turf. To the rescue comes Merck Animal Health’s Animo GPS, an activity and behavior monitor with GPS tracking.

The product can alert pet owners within 20 seconds if their dog leaves its designated “Safe Zone” and offers real-time tracking with location updates from every five seconds when in “Lost Dog Mode.”

In addition to its location tracking capabilities, Animo GPS uses smart technology to track a dog’s unique activity levels and behavior with a mobile app. The device captures data on sleep quality, barking, scratching and shaking.

Puffer Hug Dog

Puffer Hug Dog may be the next best thing to an actual hug on cool nights.
Puffer Hug Dog may be the next best thing to an actual hug on cool nights.

It’s a fact everyone, including dogs, can use hugs. Puffer Hug Dog may be the next best thing to an actual hug on those cool nights. A version of the human product, down to the pockets, the fleece-lined wrap made from 100% nylon and vegan leather is available in large and small, both with detachable leather strap to fit securely around the dog’s neck.

Bearback Pet Scratcher & Grooming Toy

A back scratcher for pets, Bearback Pet Scratcher features a long, extendable handle, so you can scratch your furry buddies without bending or throwing your back. The product’s 3-inch gentle “teeth” also help control shedding, remove dirt and minimize tangles, all while providing scratches pets find blissful.

Dancing Dot Laser Cat Toy

Channel the inner tiger lurking inside every cat with the Dancing Dot Laser Cat Toy, ready for play even when humans are away. The toy features two play mode options for a random, moving laser display that engages kitty’s instinct to chase, stalk and pounce.


Dogs aren’t too keen on baths, and bathing dogs is not usually a favorite human pastime. Zoop can get rid of doggie odor without washing. The nontoxic wipes and towels promise a stink-free pet with healthy skin forever, if used once every six days.

The wipes are nanosilver ion-infused to keep pets’ sebum layer intact for long-term odor control. The ions zap the harmful bacteria, too.

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Leo’s Loo Too

This voice-enabled high-tech and scoop-free litter box is as chic as it is convenient. Wifi and mobile app enabled and with four festive colors and modern design, the litter box has whisper-quiet sifting technology, plus it monitors Kitty’s habits and weight via app activity reports. It’s the only litter box with EPA-certified UV sterilization that eliminated 99.9% percent of bacteria, viruses and parasites in the waste drawer.

Drinkwell Butterfly Pet Fountain

The cute butterfly topper in this pet fountain isn’t just for looks, for it creates four free-falling water streams for your pet to drink from and stay hydrated, since animals are naturally attracted to moving water. The topper can be removed for a quiet, bubbling flow.

Feline Natural’s Holiday Season Milk Box

Feline Natural’s Holiday Season Milk Box provides four bottles of New Zealand milk from free-range, grass-fed cows.
Feline Natural’s Holiday Season Milk Box provides four bottles of New Zealand milk from free-range, grass-fed cows.

For the cat who has everything, Feline Natural’s Holiday Season Milk Box provides four bottles of New Zealand milk from free-range, grass-fed cows. The milk is lactose-free for easy digestion and includes added nutrients for heart and eye health and immune system support.

PIXI Spinner

This paw-activated whirlwind of fun, unlike other spinning cat toys with smooth plastic exteriors, is equipped with a unique fabric cover, allowing cats to grip the toy as they would hang onto their prey in nature. Grrrr!

K9 Natural Oil Supplement Collection

Made from New Zealand cold-pressed flaxseed oil and hoki oil, the collection contains three signature oils to benefit skin and coat, hips and joints and brain and eye health. A spoon is included so dogs can lick the serving directly.

Automatic Ball Launcher

The Pet Safe automatic dog ball launcher is water resistant for backyard playtime or sprints down the hallway.
The Pet Safe automatic dog ball launcher is water resistant for backyard playtime or sprints down the hallway.

Dogs will have a ball with this interactive game of fetch that gives your arm a break.

The automatic dog ball launcher is water resistant for backyard playtime or sprints down the hallway. It works best with standard-size tennis balls and holds up to 3 at a time. It also comes with 2 tennis balls so your dog can start playing right away.

You can adjust how far the ball is thrown, with multiple distance and angle settings depending on where your dog plays his next game of fetch. Electronic motion sensors detect if your pet is within seven feet of the dog ball launcher hole and won’t launch a ball until your dog moves further away.

The Automatic Ball Launcher also uses an audible tone to signal when a ball is about to be thrown, so your dog is always ready. Automatic sleep mode after 30 minutes prevents dogs from getting overworked.

DoggyRade Prebiotic Chewies

A great stocking stuffer, DoggyRade Chewies are prebiotic chews to support your dog's immune and intestinal health. They contain natural fiber prebiotics to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

For humans who love their pets

These two are technically for humans, but hey, who doesn’t like sweet treats and interesting smells?

  • Sweetology Dog-Themed Kit.  Sweet as can be, the kit is for humans, not dogs, but it is all about dogs with doggie decorations depicting several breeds. Each kit includes freshly-baked cake, cupcake, cookies, gingerbread houses and more, made-from-scratch vanilla buttercream frosting, sugar-pressed decorations, assorted sprinkles, professional piping bags and stainless steel decorating tips. Your dog won’t leave your side when you are making these.

  • Holidays Fur All. South Florida-made Holidays Fur All candles get man and beast in the holiday spirit with traditional holiday scents that include fir needles, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. Made for pet-loving households, the candles are crafted with dye-free soy wax and contain no paraffin/petroleum by-products.

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This article originally appeared on Florida Today: Here's what your four-legged friends hope to find in their stockings