Pet Pandemic Boom Leads to Preventable Costs, Surrenders

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When the going got tough, many turned to their friends—the furry kind.

According to a recent report, by August 2020 a staggering third of Americans had welcomed a new dog or cat into their households. This “pet pandemic boom” thankfully allowed millions of animals to be adopted worldwide while also providing comfort and connection to their new owners. Unfortunately, this additional family member proved to be costly and left many feeling unprepared. Not only has the increase in pet ownership led to an unprecedented amount of pricey vet appointments, surveys show that many owners stated they adjusted their budgets in order to afford pets and felt financially prepared for their new family members."

The recent return to normalcy has sent shockwaves, leading many owners to feel as though they have no choice but to surrender pets as they return to in-person work and other obligations. The numbers don’t lie: sadly, rates of “pet surrenders” have increased to nearly 82.6% since 2020. Of the pet owners who haven’t made the decision to give up their animals, about 30% say they will spend at least $150 a month on their pets. Pet costs can be crippling to owners who, despite love in their hearts, can't fund the expense of veterinary care for their beloved pets.

It is clear that some owners are overwhelmed with the amount of work taking care of a pet entails, but post-pandemic life does not need to be synonymous with abandoning an animal companion. There are ways of tackling the costs associated with pet care without having to say goodbye.

One way is through Pawp, a digital vet clinic that has resources for pet parents to get all the help they need. Pawp provides a monetary safety net: an emergency fund, offering up to $3,000 to make sure loved ones are safe and sound. In addition, users have 24/7 access to a veterinarian through on-demand telehealth for only $19/month. This way, everyone can become more educated, equipped and financially empowered to take the best possible care of their dogs and cats: Pawp’s ultimate goal. Providing this level of access to pet parents not only arms them with information that they can trust but saves them money on issues that can be solved at home.

With Pawp, choosing between a vet bill and a pet’s life will be a thing of the past. Get started today to provide a furry companion with quality care for life.

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