Pet of the Week

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Sep. 18—Shanti is a 7-year-old looking for a home after her owner passed away. She will do best in an adult-only household that give her time and space to adjust. A friend of Shanti's previous owner said, "She is very sociable, loves her companions and attention. She is an indoor cat and loves looking out at the world. She is a cat who has thoughts about time ... like a finite time for cuddling, and an 'I'm not ready to stop playing yet' time. She can scratch but not viciously. I find positive, happy talking and distraction work through this habit of hers. She hasn't had much attention this year while her owner was in decline and while she's being well looked after, she is lonely. We don't know if she ever lived with other cats, dogs, or kids." Visit for more information about Shanti and all the other animals waiting for homes at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter, 4 Paws Lane in Gloucester.