PETA sells terrifying Christmas jumper featuring a bloodied sheep

Francesca Specter
·Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
PETA is selling a "Wool Hurts" Christmas jumper. [Photo: PETA]
PETA is selling a "Wool Hurts" Christmas jumper. [Photo: PETA]

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is selling a Christmas jumper featuring a “bruised and bloodied” sheep.

There’s making a style statement, and then there’s going one step further with the anti- animal cruelty organisation’s festive attire.

The white, green and (blood) red garment looks mostly like your bog standard Christmas offering, covered in a hearts pattern.

Yet what distinguishes it is a slogan on the front reading “Wool Hurts” and a mutilated sheep attached to the front and back of the item.

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The “Wool Hurts Ugly Holiday Sweater” doesn’t come cheap.

It is currently in stock and available to buy in one size only (medium) for £149.99 (£117) on the PETA website.

However, those of us in the UK will be charged a hefty shipping charge (an additional $133.99, or £104) on top of the retail price.

“PETA’s limited-edition "Wool Hurts" Ugly Holiday Sweater puts the ugliness of the wool industry front and centre,” reads the item’s description on the PETA website.

Unsurprisingly, it’s not made from wool, but instead 100% acrylic yarn.

Commenting on the launch, PETA director Elisa Allen said: “Ugly Christmas jumpers are all the rage, and this conversation-starter will make the point that what's really ugly is the way sheep are cut to shreds in shearing sheds.

“This abuse is shown in our video exposés, which would make great stocking-fillers – if the jumper isn't enough, it'll be a Christmas morning eye-opener to see workers standing on sheep's heads, punching them in the face, and hitting them in the face with electric clippers.

“Those who aren't quite ready to make such a bold statement can opt instead to keep warm in organic cotton, Tencel, hemp, soya-bean fibre, or recycled animal-free materials that no one had to suffer and die for.”

The jumper launch is part of PETA’s wider campaign against the wool industry, which follows a series of investigations where the body exposed cruelty against sheep. The campaign is backed by celebrities including Billie Eilish and P!nk.

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This time last year, the organisation asked the village of Wool in Dorset to rename itself as “Vegan Wool”.

The animal rights group wrote a letter to the parish council advising that the name change would help to “promote kindness to sheep”.

The letter from PETA director, Elisa Allen, read: “I’m writing on behalf of PETA with a suggestion that would put Wool in the spotlight and promote kindness to sheep: renaming the village ‘Vegan Wool’.

The Dorset village did not oblige.