Pete Buttigieg responded to homophobic comments made by a local Tennessee official, advocating for an 'approach with compassion'

Benjamin Goggin
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    Well, we had J. EDgar Hoover running the FBI and other Gay or closeted males running the country, so don't get too excited that one is now openly running as top tier candidate for our next president? If the county commissioner Warren Hurt's views on America's political direction doesn't meet his taste, maybe he would rather remove himself from public office and go back to this MAGA days in his past. Millions of Americans are not only going to move forward with making sure all Americans are respected and valued for their service and for their commitment to equality and the end of discrimination the County Commissioner is spewing is the lawful and "God-like" sentiment all of us do onto Mayor, Pete Buttigieg, and millions of Americans.
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    Marriage is between one man and one woman.....says the family values candidate on his 3rd marriage
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    Mayor Pete served his county with distinction. He didn't fake bone spurs like the god Mr. Hurst prays to.
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    Would somebody PLEASE TELL ME what ‘conservative’ values are? Republican values? Cause all I see from these people is a lot of whining and conspiracy theories and hate for everyone but I don’t know what their VALUES are. I don’t even know if they know...anyway if you can please explain. Thanks!
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    As Elizabeth Warren said, "If you believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman, then go and find yourself one". Leave others alone.
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    I live in Kansas. We are as conservative as anyone, but the issue of sexual identification is not a conservative or liberal issue. One dear Republican friend had a daughter who married a lovely lady from another country. They are a beautiful married couple. We are all happy for them. Another Republican friend has a daughter who is gay and this man accepts his daughter as she is. It really isn't a choice for the gay person. To think otherwise is simply backward thinking.
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    I was born and raised in Tennessee and I think mayor Pete would make a great president.
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    "Marriage us between a man and a woman" Hillary Clinton 2004
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    In Tennessee marriage is between one man and one woman; as long as they are brother and sister or cousins :-)
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    Nobody really says much about this ,,, but do you really think a president and his first man will occupy the white house ?????