Obama Photographer Taunts Donald Trump With Throwback Handwritten Notes Snap

Lee Moran

Obama-era White House photographer Pete Souza poked fun at Donald Trump on Instagram by comparing the current president’s handwritten notes to those of his predecessor.

Souza on Thursday shared the now-viral image of Trump’s super-sized notes as he answered reporters’ questions on EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s impeachment hearing testimony with “an almost identical image I made of President Obama a few years ago.”

Scroll across to see the difference:

Souza called the picture of Trump’s notes, taken by Getty Images’ Mark Wilson, a “great storytelling image.”

The photo itself became a meme on Twitter and also inspired this spoof emo-style song:

Souza frequently resurfaces photographs he took during his time with the Obama administration to take aim at Trump (who he calls “comrade minus”) and his administration.

“Nine years ago today: when the only concern was whether President Obama would try to drive the electric car he was sitting in during a demonstration at the NATO Summit at the Feira International de Lisboa in Portugal,” Souza captioned the image, below, earlier this week:


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