Pfizer To Be Available At Miami Dade College

The coronavirus first-dose of the Pfizer vaccine will now be available starting Tuesday at Miami Dade College North Campus.

Video Transcript

- And now to the latest on the coronaviruses pandemic. Next week, south Florida residents will be able to receive their first shot of the Pfizer vaccine at Miami-Dade College's north campus site.

- The change comes after the federal government put a hold on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after reports of a rare blood clot. Let's get right to CBS 4's Jessica Vallejo. She is live in northwest Miami-Dade with what you need to know. Jessica.

JESSICA VALLEJO: That's right. It's caused local [INAUDIBLE] this Miami-Dade College north campus to pivot. Take a look right now. This site right now is pretty empty. There's no line. But this may be busier starting on Tuesday. Take a listen. With the Johnson & Johnson vaccine paused by the federal government due to reports of a rare blood clot, the race to vaccinate people continues in south Florida.

- Experience is good. I'm feeling very well. And thank God for that.

JESSICA VALLEJO: Friday, the FEMA funded north Miami-Dade campus was not packed. These folks getting their second dose of the Pfizer shot.


LISSETE SUAREZ: We asked. And they said that they only applying the second dose now. So that makes a big difference.

JESSICA VALLEJO: But it may be busier within the coming days because starting on Tuesday, south Florida residents will be able to get their first dose of Pfizer at the MDC site.

- Be responsible about this not because of us, but others, you know?

JESSICA VALLEJO: Over at Hard Rock Stadium, they have also been administering the first dose of Pfizer shot. A reminder. 16 and 17-year-olds are eligible to receive a Pfizer shot with a parent or legal guardian. Also happening this week, all state run COVID-19 vaccination sites in Broward County are no longer requiring appointments. So you can just show up and wait in line for your shot. The Florida Department of Health in Broward County announced the change on Thursday. And you can see a list of those Broward Department of Health sites on our website at We're live at Miami Gardens. Jessica Vallejo, CBS 4 News.