Pfizer CEO Says People May Need Vaccine Booster Shot

The CEO of Pfizer said that people who have already received the COVID-19 vaccine may need a booster shot in 8 to 12 months.

Video Transcript

- And speaking of vaccinations, tonight we are learning those who have already received the vaccine may need a booster shot. And according to Pfizer's CEO, that third shot could be needed between eight and 12 months after a person received their second dose.

ALBERT BOURLA: This could be coming sooner than later, I believe from September, October. We'll have to see what the FDA approves and then make the recommendation how best to protect the American people.

ANTHONY FAUCI: When the level of protection starts to dwindle down, as happens over time, or when we start seeing more breakthrough infections, you're going to see boosters.

- Now, Pfizer has not yet finished its trials on a booster vaccine. The company says they hope to have more data available in another month or two to know for certain.