Pfizer Says Its COVID Vaccine Remains Highly Effective For At Least 6 Months After 2nd Dose

Based on a late-stage trial, Pfizer says its vaccine is more than 91% effective against COVID at least six months after the second dose. WBZ-TV's Mallika Marshall has more on this story.

Video Transcript

- Pfizer says its coronavirus vaccine is highly effective at least six months after the second dose. WBZ's Dr. [INAUDIBLE] commercial joins us now. And doctor, we hope it's good even after that. But I suppose, at this stage in the game, to know it's six months at least is good news.

DR. MALLIKA MARSHALL: That's right. We'll take anything at this point. You know, it's really been unclear how long these vaccines can protect us against COVID-19.

But Pfizer says based on its late stage trial, that it's still more than 91% effective six months after the second dose. And they say, soon they hope to be able to give us more information as to whether it can be protective even longer than that.

They also said that they found that it was very effective against the South African variant, which we've been so concerned about. And they also didn't see any serious safety concerns so far. They do plan, maybe as early as this month, to apply for formal FDA approval. As you know, right now it's being used under an emergency use authorization.