Pharmacist helps vaccinate thousands of people near Philly

Pharmacist Mayank Amin has been racing to vaccinate everyone in his community with a pop-up clinic. Four hundred people have volunteered to man the phones and coordinate appointments to help him. Nancy Chen has the story.

Video Transcript

- We end tonight with a real-life caped crusader, going above and beyond to protect his community and save lives. CBS's Nancy Chen has that story.

- Dr. Mac is responsible for these shots.

NANCY CHEN: He's known as Dr. Mac, and his Superman costume is a Halloween leftover. But for the people at this pop-up vaccine clinic, Mayank Amin is the real deal.

MAYANK AMIN: We'll be back, so let your neighbors know.

NANCY CHEN: The pharmacist is vaccinating everyone he can in this community 45 minutes outside of Philadelphia, helping distribute 37,000 doses.

MAYANK AMIN: COVID-19 vaccines have been so tough to get. And when that UPS driver walked through that door and said, "Here are your vaccines," we were almost dancing, like getting ready to party.

NANCY CHEN: The center of his operation, this small independent pharmacy. Until recently, the only one in the town of Skippack offering vaccines.

MAYANK AMIN: We have one full-time employee and myself. Two people to be able to administer 4,000 vaccines, but having an army of volunteers behind you. They're doing it because they love every single person in this community.

- You'll be getting an email.

NANCY CHEN: 1,200 people have signed up to man the phones and coordinate appointments.

MAYANK AMIN: We have to call and/or email 1,000 people to let them know that the vaccines arrived.

- You ready?

- I'm ready.

NANCY CHEN: Tanya Hall says she likely would have had to wait weeks to get a vaccine--

- You're done.

NANCY CHEN: --because of her limited mobility.

- It's really great to have something like this close to home.

NANCY CHEN: From large clinics vaccinating 100 by the hour--

- Hello.

NANCY CHEN: --to visits at home, one at a time.

90-year-old Joseph [? Dildine ?] and his wife Marsha--

MAYANK AMIN: That's it. You are fully vaccinated.

- Yay.

NANCY CHEN: --now closer to seeing their grandchildren without worry.

How do you think the community will remember this?

MAYANK AMIN: I think our community absolutely loves the fact that their local superheroes banded together to do something that no one ever thought was possible.

NANCY CHEN: Nancy Chen, CBS News, Skippack, Pennsylvania.

- Yeah!

- And we love it, too. Nice touch with the costume.