Philadelphia has 40,000 ballots to count

Philadelphia has 40,000 votes to be counted before it can certify the vote. (Nov. 6)

Video Transcript

LISA DEELEY: We've candidate total of 690,360 votes. Of that 337,609 ballots were cast by mail and 353,021 were cast at a polling place.

I would estimate there are approximately 40,000 remaining to the count. We can also tell you that it may take several days to complete the reporting of that. And as you know, election results are not officially certified until 20 days after the election.

We're going to continue to count the ballots as quickly as we can without sacrificing accuracy as we have from the beginning. That's where we're at. We'll be done when we get done because we still have ballots that we're scanning today.

JIM KENNEY: The votes will continue to be counted until every valid mail-in ballot, absentee ballot, and provisional ballot is counted. So while some, including the president, continue to spew baseless claims of fraud, claims for which his team has not produced one iota of evidence, what we have seen here in Philadelphia is democracy pure and simple.