Philadelphia city council passes outdoor entertainment bill

Resturant owners are loving the warmer spring weather and the customers it brings, especially when it comes to outdoor dining.

Video Transcript

BRIAN TAFF: Now, to the pandemic, as life slowly returns to some normalcy. With changes to restrictions, more fun is coming to Philadelphia. City Council is working on a plan right now which will be another source of revenue for businesses that are still struggling. Action News reporter Maggie Kent live in Old City, Philadelphia, to explain the details on this one.

Hey, Maggie.

MAGGIE KENT: All right, Brian, how is this for alliteration-- the benefit of this bill could be bifold. First, for restaurant owners of course bringing more people into their outdoor dining spaces, and of course for entertainers as well who haven't had many gigs throughout the pandemic.

Now, along with the sounds of happy and hungry diners, there will be music playing in the streets. Restaurants in Philadelphia which have outdoor dining permits will soon be able to apply for a city permit to provide outdoor entertainment.

KATHERINE GILMORE RICHARDSON: We've lost over 200 full service restaurants, 50 of which have closed permanently. And we wanted to provide an opportunity to help businesses attract customers.

MAGGIE KENT: The bill, introduced by Councilwoman Katherine Gilmore Richardson, was passed unanimously by City Council and heads to Mayor Jim Kenney's desk for a signature.

KATHERINE GILMORE RICHARDSON: We really needed an opportunity to support both our local hospitality organizations, and both our arts and culture industries.

MAGGIE KENT: Now, of course, there are some parameters, right? When you are applying for this permit, you need to be aware of sidewalk spacing and noise ordinances as well. But any restaurant owner who already has outdoor dining as part of their repertoire can easily add this outdoor entertainment aspect as well, put more things on the menu for people to enjoy. Live in Old City, Maggie Kent, Channel 6 Action News. Brian?

BRIAN TAFF: More things on the menu is a good thing. OK, Maggie, thank you.