Philadelphia delivery man gets COVID-19 vaccine while on hoagie run

A Philadelphia delivery man on a hoagie run Thursday ended up with a pretty valuable tip to his name.

Video Transcript

- Tell me a little bit about what happened today. I know you went to a vaccination site. I know you went to the Lincoln High School, where they were having an event. Is that correct?

- Yeah, so I think the event was sponsored by Councilman Bobby Henon's office. They ordered lunch. They're right around the corner from us. So they ordered lunch for, I guess, the staff, and the nursing staff, and the volunteers there. So we went up and took the delivery to them.

We wound up donating the food to them since they're working in the community and everything like that, because we do stuff. You know what I mean. So then when I was-- I took it in the first stuff, came back out to my car, got my hoagies and everything, came back in. They grabbed them, and they asked me. They said, hey, you get your vaccine yet?

I said, no, I'm waiting, because I know the city is opening up for vaccines, I think, tomorrow, the 16th. I said, no, I didn't get it yet. I'm just waiting. And she goes, do you want one today? I said, yeah.

She goes, right now? I was like, yeah, let's do it, and I took the hoagies in the back. And they said, OK, just go over there, grab a piece of paper, get your ID out, and just get in line. And I filled it out, got in line, literally, went through, and it took less than a half hour and got my vaccine.

- Not what you were expecting today, huh?

- No, I had no clue it was going to happen today at all. Just randomly, like I wasn't even ready for it at all or anything like that.

- So how are you feeling now? Are you feeling good?

- Yeah, I feel fine. I've just been drinking a lot of water, staying hydrated.

- And what vaccine did you receive?

- The Pfizer.

- OK, nice. What about this-- I know you're getting tons of reaction from this. It's, in some ways, going viral on Twitter. What have you been reading, and what's the reaction like?

- It's just a lot of people are just saying how much they love Philly, they miss Philly, totally a Philly thing.

- I saw [? hers ?] jumped in there a little bit.

- Yeah, [? hers ?] jumped in. Someone called it the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, and everyone's just going on giving different nicknames for it and everything, just having a lot of fun with it.

- Nice.

- It's a fun, little thing for today for a Thursday.

- Yeah, so how long have you been working with, I guess, your family's business?

- We opened in '04, and I started probably working here about 10 years ago now.

- Do you think your dad-- what does your family say? You came back, and you're like, I dropped off the hoagies.

- Well, he wasn't too happy with me, because I got a text, while I was there, asking where I was at. Because I was taking forever, so he had someone else text me, who said, we are busy. Your dad said, where are you? And I was like, I got a couple more minutes, because they make you wait 15 minutes after the shot to leave.

So I was in middle of waiting when I got the text, and I was like, it's a funny story. And then I had to run back, jump into it, and I told him afterwards. And we just laughed about it. It's fun.