Philadelphia Gay Pride kicks off with a month of events for June

June 1, 2021, kicks off Pride Month, and across Philadelphia, there are dozens of events planned to celebrate gay pride in a variety of ways.

Video Transcript

- Today kicks off Pride Month and across Philadelphia there are dozens of events planned to celebrate gay pride in a variety of ways. Alicia's here now and of course, this pandemic put some events on pause last year. But this year different details, the LGBTQ community really working extra hard to get these events off the ground and people back together.

- Yes. In the organizers words, they didn't want to lose gay pride two years in a row. With a parade still on hold and official city events still limited, they started building a calendar. And now there are 280 events on tap for the month of June, and counting.

KORY AVERSA: We literally mobilized in less than three weeks to get those nearly 300 events and I'm really proud of them. Like it almost tears me up when I think about it and that there's literally something for everyone. And for the first time ever I've seen events for teens, I've seen events for seniors, I've seen events for the trans community, I've seen events for Latino X members of the gay population. I've seen so many diverse communities coming together.

- Yeah. From pride events at Parks On Tap, to the Philadelphia Flower Show, to the Philadelphia Zoo. There also is something for every comfort level, as well.

FCM hospitality is also raising funds for local LGBTQ charities with Cocktails For a Cause.

NEINA LANGFORD: A dollar for every drink sold in all the venues. It's pooled at the end of the month and we are donating, we're evenly donating it to four various LGBTQ charities in Philadelphia area.

- There are eight pride-themed colorful drinks at all eight of their locations from Craft Hall, to Juno, Harper's Garden, and more. A way to celebrate, a way to make a difference, bring people together, especially at a time where people are eager to get out and to celebrate one another in this city.

- Absolutely. All right. Thank you, Alicia.