This Philadelphia home for sale comes with a ... morbid view. ‘Made me actually gasp’

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Video screen grab from Twitter/Flywell

Philadelphia has been dominating the news cycle since the Eagles won the NFC title game and made it to the Super Bowl. So it shouldn’t be surprising to see the the City of Brotherly Love pop up even in real estate headlines.

A home for sale in Philadelphia offers a complete drone video of the place. The $325,000 home features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, 1,234 square feet and a graveyard view.

The home appears to be in a neighborhood where most of the residences back up to a cemetery.

The house was featured on Zillow Gone Wild, a Twitter account that highlights unique homes for sale across the country.

This Philadelphia home comes with an amazing back yard view,” Zillow Gone Wild tweeted, along with the video of the house.

Nothing could’ve prepared me for that view,” one person said.

My house backs onto a graveyard and it’s awesome, quiet neighbors and a nice place to go for walks,” another noted.

The way this made me actually gasp,” someone said.

Oh hell noooo,” another observed.

“Hold up, was that backyard a CEMETERY?!” one person asked.

And finally...

“Imagine you’re paying respect to a dead relative and someone is shotgunning beers on the balcony before the eagles game on Sunday,” someone tweeted.

The listing is held by @dreamhomesbydes.

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