Philadelphia Mayor Kenney Details Plans To Use $1.4 Billion From American Rescue Plan

Kenney will introduce his 2022 budget on April 15.

Video Transcript

- Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney is planning how the city will use the federal stimulus money from President Biden's American Rescue Plan. The Kennedy administration anticipates the plan will provide the city with $1.4 billion. Mayor Kenney tells us the money will be used to help with revenue shortfalls caused by the pandemic. He will also invest in the future.

JIM KENNEY: This is a lot of money we're getting. And I want people to understand that this is a structural issue for us, the city, that's gonna take two or three years to fix. So even though we're getting this money in one traunch, one time, we can't spend it all in one year. We shouldn't spend it all in one year. We're gonna have to reserve it for some other years next year and the year after.

- The mayor will introduce his 2022 budget plan on April 15.