Philadelphia Officials Announce New Program To Keep Children Safe On Way To School

It's called the Safe Routes Philly program.

Video Transcript

- Well, now that Philadelphia students are returning to the classroom, city officials are announcing a new curriculum aimed at keeping children safe on the way to school. "Eyewitness News" at William Cramp School in North Philadelphia, where officials kicked off the new Safe Routes Philly program. It provides resources teaching children how to walk, bike, or ride to school safely.

MIKE CARROLL: Getting to teach safe pedestrian and bicycle habits to young children helps them to be on a safe path, so when they're older and they're operating motor vehicles, they're walking around, they're biking, they can retain these lessons and pass them on to their friends, their kids, and their families in their neighborhoods too.

- The initiative is part of the city's Vision Zero plan to end traffic deaths by 2030.