Philadelphia Officials Unveil Plans For Verdict After Urging Local Businesses To Prepare For Possible Unrest

Matt Petrillo reports.

Video Transcript

UKEE WASHINGTON: The city of Philadelphia is also preparing for potential unrest if and when a verdict is reached in the Chauvin trial. Matt Petrillo heard from city leaders today about what they're planning. Matt?

MATT PETRILLO: Ukee, Philadelphia police say there is no known threat at this time, but businesses are still being urged to protect themselves.

- It's like, oh, my god, is it going to happen again?

MATT PETRILLO: Neighbors are shocked to see boards back up here at East Coast Wings & Grill in Philadelphia's Port Richmond neighborhood. This time, it's in anticipation of possible civil unrest from the upcoming verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial.

- Just looking up at those boards, yes. It gets you scared. It got me scared.

MATT PETRILLO: The restaurant and hundreds of other businesses were looted here in Port Richmond back in October, and riots also erupted last May and June in Philly.

JIM KENNEY: Let's just not go back to destruction because we-- it's too hard to rebuild.

MATT PETRILLO: Philadelphia leaders announced at a news conference Friday, outside the municipal services building, a response plan is now in the works to clamp down on possible unrest.

DANIELLE OUTLAW: Over the next few days, there are several demonstrators-- demonstrations--

MATT PETRILLO: The city's response plan includes potential street closures. Philadelphia police have also made scheduling changes to make sure there's more boots on the ground. They'll also have assistance from the Pennsylvania National Guard and State Police.

DANIELLE OUTLAW: While most folks in our city will notice an increased presence, we will do everything possible to avoid causing disruptions to the daily lives of our residents and visitors.

MATT PETRILLO: Meantime, those who live and work in the city can attend a new virtual program officials are rolling out Monday, called Community Healing Circles.

TUMAR ALEXANDER: These are intended to help residents share their feelings and find community and support from their neighbors.

MATT PETRILLO: Meantime, the Philadelphia mayor today also released an open letter to the people of Philadelphia. We have it posted on our website, Live in Center City, Matt Petrillo, CBS 3 Eyewitness News.

UKEE WASHINGTON: Matt, thank you.