Philadelphia Pauses Talks Of Lifting Further Restrictions Due To Rise In COVID-19 Cases

The health commissioner said due to the rise in COVID cases, the city is pausing its discussion on lifting restrictions until next week.

Video Transcript

- A stern warning in Philadelphia today concerning the city's COVID cases. They are rising to the highest level since the first week of 2021. And because of that, a decision on whether to lift restrictions is on hold. During today's press briefing, City Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley said it is now easier than ever before to get a vaccine. He called on young people to lead the way.

THOMAS FARLEY: We want to encourage young people to bring their older parents, grandparents, or relatives to vaccination sites. Get everyone vaccinated together. The older people may need help in getting to those clinics. The younger people can help them get there, get vaccinated, and get back home.

- Right now, there are 274 vaccination sites in the city. Some of them offer walk-in appointments with hardly any wait time.