Philadelphia Researcher Calls For Second MOVE Commission

Matt Petrillo reports.

Video Transcript

- Now at 5:30, a push for more answers after Philadelphia's mayor revealed that some remains of bombing victims were cremated years ago without notifying family members. Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley resigned after admitting he gave the go ahead.

- The mayor has promised a full investigation, but some say that is not enough. Matt Petrillo joins us now from Spring Garden with what some want done now. Matt?

MATT PETRILLO: [INAUDIBLE], I talked to a researcher who wants to see a second MOVE commission, saying there are still a lot of unknowns after the bombing.

SHANNON MCLAUGHLIN ROONEY: There remain lots of unanswered questions about MOVE.

MATT PETRILLO: Sharon McLaughlin Rooney is a Philadelphia-based researcher, who wrote her dissertation on the MOVE bombing, a deadly incident from 1985 when Philadelphia bombed a home in the city's Cobbs Creek section after a stand-off and shootout with police.

SHANNON MCLAUGHLIN ROONEY: People don't believe that it happened, almost. So I think the opportunity exists to educate the city as a whole.

MATT PETRILLO: She points out the first MOVE commission did what it was charged to do-- finding who was responsible for the bombing. But there's a lot even she still does not know.

SHANNON MCLAUGHLIN ROONEY: I think a second commission could start to amplify some of the existing artifacts around the city. And for me, the most important thing they could do is create kind of a public curriculum.

MATT PETRILLO: Philadelphia's Health Commissioner Dr. Tom Farley resigned this week after he informed city leaders he had authorized the cremation and disposal of some MOVE victim's remains, remains that were bone fragments in boxes found in the city medical examiner's office four years ago. The remains were never identified.

SHANNON MCLAUGHLIN ROONEY: There wasn't a lot of concern. These folks were not treated with great regard in their life, so, of course, they were not treated with great regard or dignity in their death either.

MATT PETRILLO: And we still do not know who those remains are. Meantime, the Philadelphia mayor said yesterday there is nothing left off the table. Reporting live in Spring Garden, Matt Petrillo, CBS 3, Eyewitness News.

- Matt, thank you for that.